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Profesjonalna Oprawa Obrazów i Luster, Grafik w Ramy Drewniane i aluminiowe, Passe-partout

Opraw obraz albo lustro

Georges Dumas

Georges Dumas

« In the age of digital technologies, I couldn't just be a painter or a photographer. My 'paintographies' destroy borders and offer a resolutely contemporary hybrid art. »

Georges Dumas’ artistic approach is both simple and complex.For about ten years now, he has been creating ''paintographies''. As its name suggests, a paintography is a mixture of painting and photography.Although his works portray a figurative aesthetic that favours clarity, he does this while blending photography, digital art, and acrylic painting. The result of which Dumas has labeled ‘paintography’. His compositions highlight the fragility of the human body. He transforms the models into virtual sculptures by replacing their skin with mineral materials to represent the passage of time.