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Profesjonalna Oprawa Obrazów i Luster, Grafik w Ramy Drewniane i aluminiowe, Passe-partout

Opraw obraz albo lustro

Olga Kvasha

 Olga Kvasha

Born in 1976 in Lutsk, Ukrainian artist Olga Kvasha graduated from the Lvov Academy of Arts (1999). Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Holland, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, and Brazil.
Currently, Olga Kvasha is constantly working with several Ukrainian publishers creating illustrations for children’s books.
Meanwhile, from 1996 to 2012 she took part in 27 exhibitions, including seven solo and 5 international. With incredible warmth Olga Kvasha depicts urban and rural landscapes, panoramas and corners. Contemplating the scenes of her works you will certainly feel no physical presence of a person, even though shown there or not. Her paintings depict children riding a bike, and shepherds looking after their sheep, where grass is neat and mown. And all is peaceful and romantic in this naive world.